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Eco-Scouts in English

The definition Eco-Scouts became more widely known in 1999 when a new scout patrol started in Tallinn (capital of Estonia).

Above all, eco-scouting is way of looking at things, what is driven by scout mission and environmental lifestyle.
An Eco-Scout is not just a friend of nature, like other scouts, but he or she constantly tries to study nature deeper. We are trying to understand the ruling relations of nature, knows maxims of nature and comprehends ecosystems. Eco-Scouts are realizing that people cannot exist without the ecosystem, but the system without people can. For that eco-scout must go through a special theoretical and practical training where the majority is on protection of environment, preservation of nature and conservation of wildlife, as well as the other knowledge required of a scout. Just conservation of natural scenery has gained importance for us, by regulating humans' nature utilization.

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